2017 Situation Report on Counterfeiting and Piracy in the European Union

22 June 2017
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This Publication/Document is about Intellectual property crime

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A joint project between Europol and the European Union Intellectual Property Office

This situation report prepared by the EUIPO and Europol once again puts the spotlight on the importance of tackling the international criminals who are among the principle beneficiaries of IPR infringements in the European Union.

It builds upon the previous 2015 report, also jointly developed, by tracking the evolution of counterfeiting and piracy, updating the key conclusions and offering new insights into some of the emerging trends.

IP crime affecting the European Union continues to represent a cause for concern. Criminal activity in this area not only causes potential harm to the health and safety of EU citizens, but also to the environment. It also affects legitimate economies, contributing to reduced revenues for the affected businesses, decreased sales volume and job losses.