Cyber Bits - Encryption ransomware - CryptoLocker

02 June 2014

Intelligence Notification 011 - 2013

Ransomware is a well-known type of malware. It locks the victim's computer demanding a fee in order for the restriction to be removed. One of the most spread versions is Police ransomware where the victim is lead to believe that a police agency blocked his computer because illegal content was detected. With up to date anti-virus programmes and following simple instructions, this type of malware is not so difficult to remove.

Cybercriminals have therefore improved their malware. For over a year, there are ransomware versions at large which encrypt files on the victim's computer. The victim needs to pay around 300$ to receive the private key that decrypts the files.

Cryptolocker is such a type of malware, recently commented on by TrendMicro and Symante