Cybercrime Dependencies Map

European Cybercrime Centre (EC3)

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The Cybercrime Dependencies Map is designed to outline the key products and services within the digital underground and to highlight how and to what degree these products and services are DEPENDENT on each other to operate. For example, Mule Herding has a HIGH DEPENDENCY on the availability of Mules.

Several products or services are commonly required by many other services in order for them to operate. These have been collected under Cross-Crime Factors. Where one of these Cross-Crime Factors has been assessed as being of HIGH or MEDIUM importance to some of the key products/services it has been allocated an icon in order to annotate the appropriate product/service.

The Cybercrime Dependencies Map PDF  is an interactive PDF so mouse over the arrows to see the level of dependency between products and/or services. We recommend you to open the PDF directly in Adobe Acrobat and not via the browser as the interactivity may not work in some browsers.