EU Drug Markets Report 2016

05 April 2016
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This Publication/Document is about Drug Trafficking

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The report illustrates the widespread impacts of drug markets, how they are related to other criminal activities, create a strain on government institutions and have a serious impact on legitimate business and the wider economy, not to mention the negative consequences for neighbourhoods, families and individuals. We show how the drugs business and the organised crime groups controlling it reach into many corners of society, from vulnerable migrants exploited as a workforce for cannabis cultivation to officials in public office exposed to the influence of corruption. We present the dynamics and trends that exist in the main drug markets in the EU, from production to the consumer and all points in between, whilst not forgetting that external factors, such as the on-going instability within some neighbouring regions, can have potentially profound effects on the drug situation in Europe. The report goes on to briefly highlight some of the strategic responses, institutional frameworks and operational actions or initiatives in place to tackle the issue.