Prevention and Coping Strategies - Kidnapping, Hostage Taking, Extortion

16 May 2013

Due to your personal and/or professional circumstances, you and your family may be at a higher risk
of being affected by a serious offence like kidnapping, hostage taking or extortion.

Experience shows that these crimes are often well prepared by the perpetrators. The offender might take advantage of the victim’s routines or habits in order to identify opportunities for an attack.

Understanding this will help you identify any weak spots in your routines and take steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. This also applies to spontaneous crimes such as robberies.

This brochure aims to help you minimise potential and foreseeable risks and suggests how you can do this, in order to be as safe as possible. It should be used in accordance with national and company laws, policies and procedures.

The content may reinforce what you already know or raise new ideas that you have not yet considered. It also contains recommendations for reacting to critical situations like a kidnapping.