The trafficking in human beings financial business model

01 October 2015
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Europol’s Report on Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) Financial Business Model 2015 is now available online. This document has been prepared by experts at Europol and is oriented towards explaining the current crime situation, providing an overview of all relevant factors e.g. organised crime groups (OCGs), criminal markets, and geographical dimension.

The main key findings detailed in the report show how OCGs involved in THB tend to work independently from other groups and launder their own criminal proceeds with little use of experts. These OCGs are mainly small and based on family and ethnic ties. The family cell is used to support trafficking operations and money laundering activities. There are no new methods of money laundering specific to THB groups, but the exploitation of innovative technologies is increasing. Financial institutions, money service businesses and other types of financial providers are at most risk of being exploited by the money laundering activities of OCGs.