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This page is solely intended for registrants of domains affected by the CSAADF.

Access the request form Funnel Web.

Internet users who wish to make a complaint about blocked online content issues linked to Child Sexual Abuse Anti Distribution Filter (CSAADF) should contact the competent national law enforcement agencies in their country.

As the registrant of a domain affected by the CSAADF, your customer base may be reduced. This is because Internet users in one or more countries will be prevented from accessing illegal online content provided under your domain. If you deem that the blocking of your domain and/or related services is not or no longer legitimate, please use the form below to submit a request for revision.

Request for revision process:

  • Competent law enforcement authorities will re-evaluate the content of the domain and/or related services according to their national legislation.
  • If the content is found to be legal, due to new or altered content or a change in legislation, the domain name will be removed from their blacklist.
  • The registrant of the domain will be notified of changes regarding its status in each participating country (i.e. whether it is unblocked or remains blocked). The reply will be sent to the email address mentioned in the WHOIS information of the domain. No request will be processed if the information given differs from the WHOIS registration information.
  • Any additional requests regarding domains that should remain blocked after a revision request will be handled in the country that is keeping the domain and/or related service blocked according to their national legislation.

The filtering of domains hosting illegal content is decided according to the legislation of countries enforcing the CSAADF. Therefore, claims that the material is legal where it is produced or where it is disseminated from will not lead to revision requests being granted if legislation in the CSAADF country is to the contrary.

If you agree with the terms above, please access the request form Funnel Web.