Considering Europol’s focus on information exchange, safe and swift transmission of data is essential. Information must travel amongst relevant stakeholders without the risk of interception. As is the case for the storage and analysis, transmission of data to and from Europol must follow specific data protection principles and information security standards.

The state of the art secure information exchange network application (SIENA), hosted in the secure environment of Europol’s headquarters, allows Member States, Europol, other Union bodies, third countries and international organisations to communicate through a fast, secure and user-friendly channel.

Europol also maintains a number of alternative secure information exchange channels in order to cater for special operational needs such as transmission of large files, data potentially including malware, real-time communications or virtual command posts, etc. However, there are technical arrangements and policy requirements to at least mirror such alternative communications into SIENA which also serves the purpose of keeping detailed records of all operational information transfers into and out of Europol.

Article 25(8) ER.

Europol may act as technical service provider without the necessity to gain access to content. Where information exchanges exclude Europol, they shall take place under the responsibility of the entities concerned and in accordance with their law. This applies in particular to those exchanges of information that fall outside of Europol’s mandate.

Recital 24 ER, Articles 8(4), 38(7) ER.