The national data protection authorities have the task of independently monitoring the transfer, retrieval and any communication of personal data to Europol in accordance with their national law. For that purpose, the national supervisory authorities have access to the offices and documents of their respective liaison officers at Europol headquarters and to the Europol National Unit at national level.

Any person shall have the right to request the national supervisory authority to verify the legality of any transfer or communication to Europol of data concerning him or her in any form and of access to those data by the Member State concerned. That right shall be exercised in accordance with the national law of the Member State in which the request is made.

The national data protection authorities and the EDPS shall keep each other informed of any actions they take with respect to Europol. This is facilitated by the establishment of a Cooperation Board composed of a representative of a national supervisory authority of each Member State and of the EDPS.

Articles 42, 44 f. ER.